wanna see a gifset of chris in The Far Cry Experience + making of ?

» Every time I see this



I’m like

And I tell myself

I mean, honestly, just look at him

And he’s like

And I’m like

And then I see this

And I’m like

Me too kid… Me too

this is so fucking accurate
i remember the day i discovered he was also a drummer my friends had to take me to the hospital

i’m trying to get over the fact that we’re going to see cmp’s butt in neighbors.

but i can’t.

everytime i watch a trailer from a Rogen-Franco movie and see “from the guys who brought you This Is The End” i think
“Jesus Christ are they actually really proud of this it ?”

» almost 90 followers !

you’re now 89 to follow this cmp-related blog… THANK YOU ! i hope you like it because i try my best to give you nice and original posts. :3
with the last gifset (the one about Javier’s death… uuuuuh that fucking moment *locks herself in her room and cry*) i think i finally found out how to tame photoshop and make better .gif images ! the previous gifsets were a bit fast don’t you think ?
ALSO, i don’t know if you noticed but the blog got a new theme ! I really like it, it’s from a—themes. ♥o♥
anyway what i wanted to say is that in france oral exams are coming (not “oral” exams you jerks, i mean i have to talk in english in front of teachers…) and i kinda have to prepare stuff to say. i’ll try to post some things however. ♥

i love you all. (in a non-creepy way)

Yeah. I play… I play Scoonie in this. He has a very large penis, like 14 inches.
—Christopher Mintz-Plasse about his character in Neighbors.